Rasheed Heart, born Rachid Hart in the Southeast of Amsterdam has been rhyming ever since he learned to speak. The lyricist-to-be felt that expression through the sounds of Hip Hop would be his calling in life. Remembering lyrics by heart after hearing them once or twice he quickly started calling himself LiriQ. But as the giant got taller, his name shortened. Going from LiriQ to LQ.

At the end of 2009, he released his first official EP entitled ‘Soulful Sparks’. This was the project that served justice to his emotions, and one he is most proud of to this day. The combination of Rasheed’s witty wordplay, vivid storytelling & his on point delivery, combined with the talents of such artists as Sarah-Jane, Ollie and musical allie Proper MaJah, made ‘Soulful Sparks’ a timeless listen to many a local hiphop lover.

The lovely thing about maturing is that his taste in music grew along with him. Deciding to part ways with his label at that time, he ventured out in to the world in search of something new. Filling his backpack with inspiration provided by artists such as: Phonte, Common, Black Thought, Shad, Blu & Kenn Starr, the lyrical youngster felt more and more ready to conquer the world one step at a time.

Finally figuring out what music he wanted to make he chose to let go of all the aliases and go with the name his mother gave him: Rasheed. Strengthened by support of his allies Proper MaJah & Justice, the emcee in the making is now devoting all his time to several musical endeavors set to be released in 2016.